I am waiting…


I am waiting for you just like people wait for summers in a cold winter night.
I am waiting for you like a child waits for his birthday so he can get presents. And no doubt you are my present from God.
I am waiting for you like an old man waits for his death.
I am waiting for you like a hungry man waits for food.
I am waiting for you like a sick man waits to get cure.
I am waiting for you like a mom to be waits for her first child.
I am waiting for you like a begger waits to get his money.
I am waiting for you like a hungry child waits to get fed.
I am waiting for you like a nerd waits for his result.
I am waiting for you like a teenage girl, totally in love waits for her first kiss.

13 Reasons Why.

Hi. I’m gonna write about this very famous season “13 Reasons Why”.
Well I don’t know why people think that suicide is an option for all their problems. Its not an option and its never gonna be an option. It clearly shows you’re giving up and you lost the battle. When in reailty you can fight back your problems and tell everyone that you’re strong and you won’t give up ever. Just have faith and be patient. Just like your life your problems are also temporary. take a deep breath and find solutions to your problems rather than attempting suicide and making everything more worse. Yes you do make it worse. You become mean by thinking about your own self so you quit. Just for a moment how about you think about your parents, start from your mother who suffered 9 months so she can give birth to a child who commits suicide anyway. Think about your dad who go out on work so he can fullfill your needs and give you happiness in every way possible he do eveything for a child who commits suicide anyway. Before you think about commiting suicide just think about others by others i mean family only, people who love you so much that they can’t afford to lose you.You just can’t commit suicide just because a guy/girl doesn’t like you back so it’s not the end maybe chances are that person is not for you and you’ll get something better? you can’t commit suicide just because you’re poor and you can’t really afford a car a brand new dress for a party or an iphone or something. You should be thankful for what you have and someday you’ll get all those things if you work hard and make yourself something. Things can’t bring you happiness. You need to find, how to make yourself happy in your own way without any person, without anything because everything and everyone is temporary in your life. One day these things won’t bother you which is your worst nightmare right now. Why don’t we think like this? If we want a change in our society we should bring change in ourselves first. Like you can’t just sit with your friends and judge others but it hurts your ” ego” if someone else judges you for the same reason. Irony,isn’t it? Monsters with destructive thoughts. Thats what we have become.
SINNERS JUDGING SINNERS FOR SINNING DIFFERENTLY” suits us,no? What I have noticed in this season is that the girl ‘Hannah Baker’ , she just wanted to be with someone a friend or a lover maybe but someone who won’t betray her and won’t hurt her feelings. Just because she’s a pretty girl and got nice figure and all.You can’t just label her as ‘Slut’ Goddamnit! Not everyone wants to be the center of attention sometimes someone just want that one person with whom they can be ‘the real them’ on whom they can count on and will know that they’re not gonna judge you instead they’ll tell you what you did wrong and what’s your best habit or something. They’re gonna help you to be a better YOU. It’s so easy to tell your girl not to wear makeup it will attract men, not to go out when its dark because men will think you’re a whore, not to wear clothes which will attract men because they’ll chase you then, not to talk to much because they’ll think you’re desperate, not to laugh so loud because they’ll think you want attention, not to eat so much because no one’s gonna like a fat girl, not to study so much it will hurt your man’s ego. I mean like seriously? why can’t you just tell your boys to not act like a total ass. How about we teach them to respect woman and consider them humans with a heart who have desires, that needs to be fullfilled. Why is this always girls who are supposed to sacrifice? Because she’s a woman? she got no rights? I’m not trying to be feminist here all I am saying is that we should respect women and should value their thoughts. Men say women are difficult to understand,Bullshit! A woman is way to easy to understand because women don’t and can’t really hide their feelings like you can see everything on their face it takes a real man to understand what your woman really wants. If you can’t sign up for this then you’ve got no right to chase her for your own dirty desires. Hannah Baker asked for help from everyone but nobody really helped her just because she wasn’t really bold to tell her problems to everyone, well nobody is. Like you can’t just write all your problems on a paper and print them to post everywhere. Everyone misunderstood her and judged her for being someone she wasn’t. If someone listened to her at the first place she would have never done that. Its not about only Hannah Baker its about every single person who commits suicide because they thought that was the only option left. Who thought of themselves as a problem to the world to their surroundings. What i don’t understand is that why and how can we live with this that we actually hurted someone so bad can you not find that guilt inside you that sepcific ache you feel in your heart whenever you see that person destorying their life and you know you have a huge role in that? Never make a personthink they’re worthless thats the worse thing anyone can feel when they think they’re not enough, they’re not worth it. Every person is beautiful and a good human being with just some bad habits. Don’t unlove someone and let them do this miserable thing ‘suicide’. Because with them you just killed your humanity aswell. Suicide is just a fancy name of murder. Yes it is a murder where you drag that person to a certain point that they think of themselves as a problem to everything so they just die. Don’t kill humanity and don’t kill a living heart who just wants to be loved because its not a crime to feel wanted its every person’s right.Don’t judge anyone for wearing weird clothes maybe its their favourite outfit. Don’t judge someone for being bold and loud maybe they’re raised like that. Don’t judge someone at all unless you’re in their shoes. You see you only know the one side of the story so you can’t judge them on that Peace. xx